Want to update your look, but have a limited budget? Shabby chic decor is the perfect choice for you! You may find most of what you need in your attic, basement, or even at garage sales and flea markets!

When decorating in Shabby chic style, just about anything that is worn or has an antique look to it will work. The look is elegant and timeless, and unlike other decorating styles, the pieces do not have to match. As long as all your pieces have the charming and worn look, and are closely related in color, it will look fabulous!

A lot of Shabby chic decor you will find are light to white in color, with a distressed, old looking finish. You can easily and affordably accomplish this look yourself on the-beautiful-home pieces you may already have. Simply remove the old stain, apply some ivory or white paint, then lightly sand the edges to give it that charming, old antique look.

Fabrics widely used in Shabby chic decor come in many different choices. Very popular are floral prints, but checks and stripes can also be used as long as the colors are in the pale, muted pastel shades of greens, pinks, ivory or gray. Using rugs that are well-worn in the same shades adds warmth and an aura of days gone by to your home. For your windows, use sheers in a delicate muted shade with a light floral pattern. This will add an airy feeling to your room.

Accessories are very important when decorating in the Shabby chic style. Use mirrors that have the distressed finish frames, or even a delicate pastel floral pattern around the edges. You may also want to use metal plant stands that are white-washed and have the worn look, with beautiful greenery flowing gently over the sides. Adding a few pastel colored vases filled with delicate flowers, and an elegant, stone-look lamp are also nice touches. Other accessories you can use are worn looking wall sconces, throws and pillows on the sofa in the same muted pastel colors. There are endless options to make your home an inviting, warm place that others love to visit!

With a little imagination, time and effort, you can turn your home into a showplace that will remind visitors of the elegant, relaxed period of an era from long ago. And the nice thing is it won’t cost you a fortune!

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