I minister almost full time in the prophetic with up to 50 prophetic word requests each week being handled by my ministry and many by myself each week. So it is a wonderful surprise by Jesus when I am in the anointing to be given a prophetic word for Australia my nation. In this prophetic word for Australia Jesus says some things that, well, they just excite me so much!

I, Jesus have a word for the church and people of Australia.

I am the life and the way. I hold the keys to life and proper protocol with heaven. I live to love and to draw all men to Myself and live to lead all men to the proper way of life. Just like waves hitting the beach and receding, so to My spirit washes against the shores of the Australian church.

I have heard the cries of the Australian church. Cries for the fire of revival. Cries for peace. Cries for unity. Cries for the lost to be saved. Cries for government. Cries for more holiness in the people.

There are so many things that the Australian people want. There are so many noble things that they want and desire and their prayers are reaching the Lord of the Harvest.

I delight in this sun burnt nation. I delight in the Australian spirit and the way the Australians welcome the foreigner in their midst. I delight in the leadership in many of your churches. I am happy with the personal commitment of many of your shepherds. I see the prayer meetings. I see the meetings crying for my fire to fall. I see the zealous prayers and lifestyles of the prayer warriors who have sworn anything to make sure that I revive the church. I see the brokenness. I see a heart crying out for peace, and to be set free of the Kingdom of darkness. I see the people of God rising in their holiness and their desire for change. I see the people of God wanting more, not being satisfied with the status quo. I see the church moving forward on a tidal wave of prayer. I hear the hearts of the people and they are willing to see my refiner’s fire. I see the hunger in the spirits. I see the determination in those that are in prayer. I see the love that they have for the broken and the lost and the honest desire for change.


I will release more of my Holy Spirit. I will soak my people who want me with my Spirit I will give the instructions and the visions I will visit you in dreams I will visit you in visions I will visit you with fires I will visit you with men of God who are on fire I will birth repentance in Australia I will put a desire for holiness in my people I will send my angels to convict and the lead my people I will restore what the locust has eaten I will heal the land I will start small pockets of revival I will let my Spirit break the yokes I am releasing more anointing on certain leaders I am sharing my inheritance with the people of Australia I will give you the keys to new knowledge I bless your creative people to bless I release ideas to Australian business men I release creations I open the flood gates to My knowledge I release My secrets I bless the leaders who want Me I set free my fire I say once again

I am going to slowly bring Australia to the boil. I am going to rise up leaders in pockets and give them new vision, new insight, new anointing, new mantles, new ways of doing things and I am going to put My fire within their very bones and they will be weary for holding it in. I put My words in the mouth of My people and all the people will prophesy. Put My tasks in their minds and they will follow Me and My designs and plans. And I will lead the leaders and they will gather at my feet and in My presence. I will have fellowship of leaders and rise up new leaders from obscurity.

I am rising up My prophets and My apostles and My evangelists. I am giving a fresh Power and a fresh Word and fresh Ways of doing things. I will give My Words to My leaders and I will build them up like the ancient walls. I will wash them clean as white snow and I will build them up in My strength and lead them out with My design and My wisdom.

No longer will the leaders be alone. No longer will there Request personal prophecy be doubt with my chosen ones. I am releasing the prophetic at a measure as strong as Corinth. I am releasing My growth as in the book of Acts.

I am not looking for a short fire. I am not looking for a short Lakeland. I am not looking for just one fire. I am going to put so many fires in the land that nothing can stop them spreading and burning. I am going to do a mighty sign in Australia in My time and My wisdom and My ways. I am going to start many fires and they will grow and spread and the people of God will flock to these fires and than go back with fresh fire to their own church and leadership.

Oh My people we are at the end. We are in the very last days. I am a mighty God and behold Australia I have chosen you to be My people. I have chosen you to be a light on a hill. I want to light you up as an example of righteousness in the world. I want to shed My light and my glory abroad your people and your flocks.

No longer will the lust for the things of this world consume your people. No longer will TV sell you what you need to do, watch and buy. No longer will the pleasures of this world hold your interest. You will be set apart and you will be holy to My Father. You will be my priests and prophets. And surely Moses will smile when all of your men and women burst forth in prophecy. My Word will be on the lips of your young men and woman. Your children shall bring My words. Children as young as 4 years of age will bring My word.

And you shall dance with Me. You shall gather with me. You shall get caught up in the dance. You shall be My people and I shall be your God. You shall spread My Word. You shall stop watching TV and go and share my prophetic words with the lost. You will go fishing and you will take the hurting the broken and the homeless into your hearts and homes. You shall seek out the lost and the dirty and smelling and you shall wash them, heal them and help them reach their right mind.

You shall be known throughout the whole world as a Holy Nation. You shall light the way. You, though you are few in number, shall be first to catch My glory. And My glory shall rise upon your people. And the world will come and see My glory on you. And my Power shall be with you and you shall have faith, knowledge and wisdom. You shall build houses and live in them. You shall plant vineyards and drink your own wine. The nations shall see you and some may hiss and others will come to your light

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