If you are one of the many people who are finding it difficult to make ends meet in the present economy, or just looking to earn additional residual income for life, a work from home and/or online business may be the perfect solution for you! There are many legitimate methods of earning an income online, but the most profitable method will be finding a product that is in high demand and establishing business buying and selling that product in a manner which can potentially help you earn a full income. HULT PRIVATE

Numismatic coin collection is one such opportunity.

The popularity of collecting gold and silver coins has never been higher and an increasing number of people are starting to view coin collecting and trading as a profitable business investment. In North America alone, the numismatic industry is already a multi-billion dollar business. On the world scale, the industry pulls in $120 billion annually! Evidence of popularity of numismatic coins in the US can be seen from the investment suggestions made by specialists, who are suggesting their clients to keep 10% of their investment portfolio in precious or rare coins.

Is it better to invest in silver or gold numismatic coins? Many investors are finding silver coins to be a more attractive investment because of its affordability and propensity for growth. Silver buyers are more active than silver sellers, which has increased the value of silver. This trend has continued for over 2 decades and is showing no signs of slowing down. Specifically, in February of 1991, silver was selling at $3.51 /oz and has had an annual rate of appreciation of 9.1%! As of January 2010, the price of silver has increased to $18.45 /oz and is expected to continue to appreciate.

As the price of silver increases, the number of coins being collected is increasing as well. The U.S. Mint sold a record 9,023,500 American Silver Eagles in the first quarter of 2010! This is the highest number of purchases since the debut of the coin way back in 1986.

As an online numismatic coin collector, you can start your own online buying and selling numismatic silver coin business with a minimal investment and use of proven marketing techniques to market it worldwide.

In summary, buying and selling numismatic silver coins is a high demand online business that requires minimal investments of time and money. By following proven marketing systems and processes, anyone can earn substantial income from the comfort of their own home!


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