Over the years, I, like many of you, have tried countless weight loss techniques. What I have come to believe is that diets don’t work in the long term, what you really need to do is have a lifestyle change. Make simple changes that you can incorporate into your everyday life. It isn’t as hard as you may think. It is all about creating new and healthy habits. Your body will love you for it and will show you it’s appreciation by giving you better health, a better looking body and most importantly a healthier mind. Who could ask for more?

I have changed many habits over the past 18 months, I haven’t looked for any quick fix, my goal is for long term health with the benefit of having a body that I am happy with.

The changes I have made include

• Drinking plenty of fresh water, at least 2 litres per day, once you get into this new habit, your body craves water it is quite amazing.
• Cutting out all the nasty fats and monitoring the good fats
• Plenty of exercise, I walk at least 30 minutes per day, on my really busy days I make sure I get up early to fit in my walk as it sets my body and mind up for the day. Nowadays I really miss it if I can’t walk for some reason.
• I write down all the food I eat, which to start with can be quite scary. Once you see all the extras that you consume without really thinking it is quite easy to see the changes which if made will help lose weight.
• Knowing my portion size and sticking to it. I plate up exactly what I am to eat and never go back for seconds.
• Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. You can keep the costs down here by eating what is in season. There is always a large variety whatever the season. Keep the starchy vegetables to a minimum but don’t go without.

I have lost 10 kilos without having to miss out on any of my favourite foods, even the chocolate, don’t deprive yourself of anything, less is good but a little bit of a treat works wonders on the mind. Life is about living, we only have one shot at it so why not do the best you can for your health, body and mind.

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