It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to have their child kidnapped. You worry about it happening even before you have children. Then you worry about it after you have them. You picture some stranger luring them away from your yard or playground with promises of candy or a puppy. But statistics show that parents are usually the ones to kidnap their own children. Only two percent of the time is it a stranger. I guess it’s easier to think of a stranger doing something like that than someone we know. However, we don’t have to just hope it never happens. There are things we can do to at least lower the odds of it happening.

Keep younger children within view. 안전놀이터 Don’t let them run to parts unknown and assume they’ll be fine. This is a good idea from a general safety standpoint as well. When children get to be teenagers, you may not have them within your view. But you should know exactly where they are. They may not appreciate it this. But in the case of an emergency, this will prove invaluable.

Don’t let your child go out alone. If someone wanted to kidnap a child, they wouldn’t want anyone who could identify them. They would look for a time and place when the child was alone. There is safety in numbers. This is a general safety run as well as a thought about kidnapping. Plus, it’s much more fun to be with a friend. It’s also important to know who that friend is. Know your children’s friends, their parents, their address and their phone number.

Teach your children about safety. Some parents have a hard time with this because they don’t want to scare their children. But there are ways to do it without being scary. Role playing is one good idea. Let the child “experience” the situation is a safe environment and respond. Also, make sure younger children know key pieces of information, such as your name, their phone number and address. This will be helpful if they ever get lost. And while speaking of the phone, give them your family rules about children answering the phone. If you allow them to answer the phone, instruct them what to say and not to say. Teach them to keep the door locked.


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