A hosted system is accessed remotely instead of being installed locally within a business. Bug trackers are one of many types of programs organizations can acquire as internet-based. In these setups, the server exists at a remote third party location and is accessed using a created login via the internet. Local setups require the software to be installed on internally maintained servers or each personal computer. The traditional system approach can become costly due to license and hardware requirements that are not necessary with a hosted bug tracker. This concept is not brand new but has been improved by increased internet speeds as well as other technology advances. Web-based programs offer significant advantages over both the development of an internal system and the purchasing of locally installed third party software. HULT PRIVATE

Issue Tracking, Hosted: What Additional Advantages Does This Option Provide?

An issue tracking hosted solution is also called Software as a Service (SaaS) and has become a growing preference among varying sized companies. Supplied advantages over buying licensed options are making this choice higher in demand by all consumers. The total cost of ownership for these solutions is far lower than any other type of implementation. Fees are calculated as a monthly rate which allows the purchaser to easily manage their budget. A traditional solution requires a large amount of capital to be paid prior to installation whereas SaaS applications split the cost over a period of time making it very affordable. Hardware costs are reduced as well since the necessary components are provided and maintained by the service company.

Internally developed systems require a staff to provide continual maintenance in the form of coding, troubleshooting, and upgrades. This entails additional dedication a company may not be able to obtain from the technology staff. These solutions sometimes grow into something extremely unmanageable and thus cost the company more in the long run. Purchased systems not only become outdated easily but also require further payment to be upgraded to the latest features. SaaS programs can be updated almost instantaneously by the provider meaning no time is wasted on obtaining the newest functionality. Varying platforms, incompatible hardware, and other issues can make implementing a new system or performing upgrades near impossible under certain circumstances. This complication is not present when issue tracking is hosted because every one of these actions is being performed on the provider end.

It is easy to question how safe it is to put data in the hands of an outside service provider; however, the reliability of this choice is greatly improved with a good company. A company just getting started will have less experience and is in the process of becoming anchored in the business. Questioning the reliability of these newer providers is reasonable due to their position in the industry. Providers with a stable service record may actually supply better software than if it was built in-house. Long standing companies have strong data centers with redundancies in place for dependable operations. The abundant benefits delivered by a hosted bug tracker make it apparent as to why this solution is being demanded by businesses throughout the world.


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